Photo Jun 13, 6 07 11 AMIf you could think of three words to describe you as a business owner, what are they? Go-getter. Rockstar. Hustler.

Now think of three words to describe the blog content on your website: Uninspiring. Tired. Apathetic.

Good thing you dropped by.

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur who doesn’t have time to create compelling blog posts, no worries.

Maybe you:

Want potential customers to pitch a tent, make S’mores, and have a campfire sing-a-long on your site.

Desire more engagement with your tribe.

Believe your site would benefit from an infusion of fresh content to excite and inform.

Basically:  You need to bring pizzazz into your niche, drive engagement, convert, and get you noticed as the powerhouse you are.

Great, let me introduce myself. My name’s Pam and I love writing.

I’ve been published on sites like Spark Hire, StevenWebb.com, eLearners, A Better Interview, Career Alley, Earn My Degree, Education Connection, and more.

Niches I’m seeking opportunities to write in: real estate, career resources, sales, healthy lifestyle, self-improvement, green lifestyle, nature, Florida, Walt Disney World, education, and other topics that intrigue me.

Don’t see your industry above? That’s okay. Let’s chat about your content needs.

Why should you work with me? 

I blog in a conversational tone that resonates with a brand’s community.

I write unique content so even evergreen topics have a little spice.

I have a blast connecting with people via social media and participating in authentic communication.

Want to know more? Nosy but I like it. Keep reading.

When did I start writing?

On a furtive adventure, I came across a magic lantern. A genie named Arnold granted me three wishes: one was to fulfill my lifelong dream of writing.

I’m not going to spill the beans about the other two. They may or may not have involved owning my own Caribbean island and world peace. Oops.

When I wasn’t saving drowning bees or running barefoot, my five-year old self was holed up in my room recording elaborate stories on my Panasonic Tape Recorder.

I decided I’d become a writer. And I did.

How did you become a freelance writer?

There was a series of events but for brevity’s sake:

I wrote Opinion articles for a local newspaper.

Went back to college as a nontraditional student, jumped into a torrid romance with Sociology (we still flirt), and fell more in love with lit, writing, and rhetoric.

After completing my Sociology degree at Florida Atlantic University, I was hired to write a non-fiction biography. I wrote the original, in-your-face, NJ style manuscript.

A year later, I began writing higher ed / education content. Over the course of four years, I wrote verticals, blogs, career resources, and evergreen content.

Then, I wrote and edited content in multiple industries, including beauty and law.

Where are you now?

I’m smack in the middle of a pivot. You’ll benefit from my excitement and hustle!

I’m interested in writing within the following niches: real estate, career resources, healthy lifestyle, green lifestyle, self-improvement, Florida, education, nature, Disney and anything else that intrigues me.

I’m into microblogging, too, on Instagram. Check out my profile at Pam Rossow. 

Beginning rate: $50+

Let’s Connect: 

If you have questions or are interested in a quality working relationship, email me at: biz.pamrossow@gmail.com.


Twitter @pamelarossow 
Instagram: PamRossow
Facebook: Pam Rossow
Google+: Pamela Rossow
LinkedIn: Pamela Rossow

Writing Samples:

Here are some published writing samples that weren’t ghostwritten I can share with you:

5 Ways Being Near the Ocean Can Heal Us

5 Unique Ways to Practice Mindfulness in Everyday Living

4 Tips for Helping You Make the Most Out of Your Degree

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Looking forward to chatting,